I’m a beekeeper, bee educator, and lover of all things bee, including the grandson under this umbrella.
I appreciate his attitude: when life gives you rain, go stomp in the puddles … but be prepared with the umbrella should it rain again.

Charlotte Hubbard

Since unexpectedly becoming a beekeeper in 2008, Charlotte has fallen head-over-hive with this intelligent insect. She loves sharing her beekeeping experiences and how they’ve shaped her life through humorous and insightful presentations and articles. A popular Midwest speaker, organizations repeatedly turn to her for her ability to encourage and connect with beekeepers, especially “new-bees.”



Anaphylaxis Insights

I teach beekeeping at a local college. One early summer evening, one of my students, “Doris,” an experienced beekeeper, was stung three times while working hives. Doris had been stung before; nothing seemed different this time. She finished up hive inspection and told me she was returning to the classroom because of the heat (as were others, although they trailed her by a few minutes.) What then happened has forever changed the way I keep bees and teach.

Through divine intervention and because of the heat, another student had (unusually) stayed in the classroom that night. He and Doris began chatting. With apparently no warning, Doris suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed. Anaphylactic shock.

Please read to and with kids…

Bees Knees Book

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